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Lou Ann flicked the latch but Alex could tell by her frustration that the latch wasn't budging. She then set the box on her lap and tried to open it using her thumbnails. It still wouldn't budge and instead caused her to swear as a nail broke against the brass latch. She turned it upside down as if to shake it loose but still it didn't open. "Must be welded shut or something."
The Box, Chapter 13

Book 1 - The Box

It all starts here, dive into the World of Lorin and discover what's in the box. We'll be giving away the first part of the box for free :). You can download the first 20 chapters now, and we are starting to release short stories from the universe to help you stay caught up.

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You can get more from our 10 part prequel story, Ghosts of the Past, Taking place 10 years before the first book.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Want to read more? The full book is coming soon!

Book 2 - Lies Our Parents Tell Us

Some lies are told to keep us safe while others to protect terrible secrets. Both come to light and threaten the lives of Alex and his friends when a new enemy arises. When secrets are revealed, friendships will be tested and lives will be changed forever.

Book 3 - Dark Journeys

Our young heroes fight for survival against a enemy intent on destroying all that they hold dear. Forced to separate they will need to find new allies and do whatever it takes to stay alive.

Book 4 - A Light in the Darkness

More information coming soon!

Book 5

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Book 6

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Book 7

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