About WoL

Named after the main world of 'The Box' series of books, World of Lorin Productions is a small production house based out of Fort Worth, Texas. World of Lorin Productions (WoLP) was created in 2005 by Josh Ivanoff to be a production house for books, comics, gaming (physical & digital), film and more based on the various WoLP brands.

The World of Lorin Production is built on these five key principles:

Current Team

Josh Ivanoff - President

Born in Iowa, writing and drawing were always Josh's passion. Preferring imaginary friends to real ones, stories were a huge part of his early life. Over the years some of these stories were turned into books and comics. While in college at the University of Northern Iowa, Josh joined Cathartic Comics as an artist and co-writer of "Gai-Jin" (along with long-time collaborator Jason Lees) as part of Cathartic Jams #1. It was in college that Josh first had the idea for "The Box" and started work on an outline that is now being turned into the first seven book series.

Josh is currently based out of Fort Worth, Texas and when not working on what of the brands above, he can be found spending time with his son and wife.
Favorite Movie Star Wars
Favorite Book (or series) Percy Jackson and the Olympians by Rick Riordan
Little Known Fact The Rikes' house in the Box Series is based on Josh's childhood home in Davenport Iowa.

Alexander Mobley - VP of Gaming (Physical)

Alexander was born in Texas, Arkansas, and has been in Arizona since high school. He has recently returned to college to pursue an engineering degree, thanks to the support of his wife and two children.
Favorite Movie Good Will Hunting
Favorite Book (or series) Dresden Files by Jim Butcher
Little Known Fact In his free time Alexander makes handmade pens

Josh Martin - Web developer and tech guru

Josh was born, raised, and still lives in Glendale, Arizona. Josh finds his roots more in Science Fiction than in Fantasy, spending most of his childhood watching sci fi (both good and bad). Josh currently works with 2 production companies (including WoLP), and spends free time with his wife and son.
Favorite Movie Hard to pick, been watching A LOT of Tarantino lately.
Favorite Book (or series) Halo: Ghosts of Onyx by Eric Nylund
Little Known Fact Josh is often called "jr" because the bosses name is josh. But we don't dare call the boss "sr".